Benefits of a Music Education for Children:

  1. Musical training improves memory, language skills and listening skills. Studies have shown that this combination leads to improved ability to learn a second language.
  2. Children who study and perform music gain confidence and learn to conquer stage fright.
  3. Playing music provides a healthy means of self-expression (particularly useful for those who have trouble putting thoughts/feelings into words)
  4. Studying music improves a child’s ability to understand spatial-temporal relationships, a skill which can help in fields ranging from math and engineering to architecture and gaming
  5. Playing an instrument improves hand-eye coordination and nuanced muscle control, as musicians must make very precise gestures in order to play their instruments correctly
  6. Keeping up a steady practice schedule instills great discipline and work ethic in kids, teaching them to work hard and be patient
  7. Learning a musical instrument and performing improves a child’s self-esteem (it feels good to have a special talent to share with others)

Welcome Sparky Weintraut to DAFA

Discovery Academy of Fine Arts is pleased to announce the addition of R. Sparky Weintraut to our team of instructors.

Sparky is a Classical and Jazz guitarist who grew up in a home of music. His father was an amateur guitarist and pianist. He began his studies in guitar and piano at the age of seven. He found his passion in music and especially in Jazz Guitar. His education includes attending Rowan University where he earned a bachelor degrees in Jazz Studies, Education and Guitar performance.Sparky is currently teaching at Radford University while he continues his studies to complete a Masters degree in Guitar Performance under the instruction of Dr. Robert Trent.

While Sparky is an expert in Classical and Jazz Guitar, he also teaches other styles as well. His abilities allow him to teach to all ages. He looks forward to working with all the students of Discovery Academy of Fine Arts.

DAFA Announces Fall Classes and Programs

Summer is just about over, where did it go? Discovery Academy of Fine Arts is happy to announce our Fall 2013 lineup.

Weekly affordable private music lessons: Piano, Guitar, Strings, Voice and Drums!

Music for little Mozarts – Preschool Piano lessons for ages 4,5 and 6!

Art Club – Discover famous artists and their unique styles. K-5th Grade!

Drama Club – Workshops on various acting skills such as voice projection, using props, costuming and make up. All ages!

More information and convenient registration is available on our website 

We can also be reached by phone – (540) 953-DAFA